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RESEARCH FACULTY – Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, University of Toronto

Dr. Heather Howard’s research examines the processes through which authoritative forms of knowledge identity, responsibility, and choice are produced, how these structures gendered and racialized inequalities, and are historicized, contested, and reconfigured in culture, social service, and healthcare delivery organizations.  Indigenous people and urbanization is a central focus of her research, in which she examines the evolution of urban Indigenous epistemologies of community, including authority-making structures, and the production of knowledge itself as a dynamic process which intervenes in the production of politics, ethical practice, and the social order.  In her research in Toronto, Dr. Howard has described the complex, multi-layered, and vibrant Indigenous community production, which challenges dominant knowledge paradigms about Indigenous poeples. Attentive to feminist and Indigenist approaches to research, her work is grounded in collaborative methodologies which study questions emergent from the concerns of Indigenous community leaders and activists, and in turn inform policy change and the implementation of programming by service providers.  Her research poses questions about the roles of gender, class, citizenship, and knowledge mobilization in the production of community, in the generation of social movement organizations, and in the professionalization of social and health service organizations.  Dr. Howard's research on diabetes is among the evidence that shows there are significant inequities in health determinants and health status for Indigenous peoples in urban area.  Examples of her research including examining the links between the history of structural racism and poverty and persistent health inequities for Indigenous people, collaborations with service programs which provide culture-based social and health programming, and work on dialogical interactive relationships in memory and meaning-making processes in relation to objects of social and cultural significance.



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