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RESEARCH FACULTY – Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, University of Toronto

Howard-Bobiwash studies the social relations through which authoritative knowledge – the knowledge that counts – is constructed and applied in healthcare, social service, educational, and cultural organizations, particularly in efforts to address structural inequities. She is especially interested in the ways responsibility, choice, identity, and healing are shaped in relation to technological innovations, and the meaning people make from collective memory and engagements of the past in the present. Her research takes place in varied settings ranging from clinics, to community centers, to schools, and heritage organizations. Working primarily on Indigenous community-driven projects, her research has significant policy and applied implications, for example increasing autonomy and improving healthcare experience. Several of her projects study the intersection of class, gender, culture, and perspectives on human/non-human relations in Indigenous women’s work and activism experience in urban education, community history, and heritage item making. As a member of the Great Lakes Research Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Arts and Culture (GRASAC), she is currently examining the relational and reciprocal processes engaged in intergenerational teaching of heritage arts as foundations for Indigenous sovereignty, community restorative practices, and as technologies of public education. She also has a particular interest in diabetes intervention, and is currently examining the way bariatric surgery has developed into a “cure” for diabetes, and what this means as technology of settler colonial biogovernance. Examples of her past research include the history of structural racism and persistent health inequities for Indigenous people, collaborations with service programs which provide culture-based social and health programming, and work on dialogical interactive relationships in memory and meaning-making processes in relation to heritage items of social and cultural significance.



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